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About Strother Web Solutions

The vision of Strother Web Solutions is one of Performance, People, Profits, and Philanthropy

  • Performance: Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive set of services at reasonable rates. We will back up our services with help desk resources that solve issues promptly and effectively.  We will not make our customers jump through hoops, and we will never outsource our help desk overseas.
  • People: To fulfill our performance goals, we will only staff our organization with quality, service oriented people. We don't focus as much on education and pedigree as our competitors.  At Strother Web Solutions, we focus on heart and commitment.
  • Profits: While it may not be politically correct for businesses to mention profit as part of their vision, it is difficult to survive without it. With the right combination of Performance and People, Profit will just come naturally.  With Profits come opportunities for our team and our customers.
  • Philanthropy: In our business plan, Strother Web Solutions has committed to donate a minimum of 10% of our net profits to the community. These funds are calculated after all of the bills are paid, but before we pay any bonus incentives. Strother Web Solutions will supplement our monetary gifts by providing services to organizations in whose cause we believe, either free or deeply discounted.

The company is named after the founder's hometown.  Learn more about the history of the name Strother by visiting the Lee's Summit Historical Society.

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